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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Lazy Sunday Workout...

Today is the first day my blog is up and running, and ironically, I'm stuck in my apartment.  These unpredictable New York summer thunderstorms really make it challenging to plan an outdoor workout!  It's officially a lazy's raining, I have a long to-do list, and the chances of exercising are more than bleak.  I decide to tackle some of the to-do's and worry about the exercise later.  On a trip out to do laundry I notice the sun trying to peek through the grey sky. I'm still feeling sluggish and more inclined to watch a movie, but I know this will be my one chance to work out today.  For extra motivation I ask my sister if she wants to take a walk in the park with me.  We bring weights and resistance bands and find a flat grassy area to settle.  I create a low impact routine for us and just as we finish stretching, BOOM!, more thunder approaches. Ha! We beat the next storm and got our outdoor workout in too. 

Here's The Lazy Sunday Workout...

Warm up with Walking & Yoga Sun Salutation

5-10lb weights, repeat 2 times:
  • Squat to Overhead Press, 15 times
  • Alternating Lunge with Lateral Arm Raise, 12 times
  • Heel lift with Bicep Curl, 15 times
  • Supine Chest Fly, 15 times
  • Tricep Skull Crushers, 15 times
  • Single Arm Rows from All 4's position, 15 times
Core Strengthening 
  • Basic Crunches, 20 times
  • Bicycle Crunches, 20 times
  • Forearm Plank, hold 60 seconds
  • High Plank, hold 30 seconds
Cool Down with Stretching & Walking

So....if your exercise plans go astray don't stress, just be creative and spontaneous and you'll be able to fit it in. And grab a buddy, it's so much more fun and inspirational to workout with a friend!