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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stretch of the Month: The Wall Twist

We're at the wall again this month for a standing pose, The Wall Twist. This stretch is way more than just a stretch! February's Wall Twist requires strength, balance, coordination, and abdominal work (all the stuff that's amazing for your full body fitness)! Make sure you've done at least a few minutes of warming up before trying it. Need a reminder of good stretching techniques? Check out the info at January's Stretch of the Month The Wall Lunge.

-Approximate the length of your leg and stand at that distance, facing a wall.
-Keep your left foot parallel and rooted down into the floor, step your right foot onto the wall. Your right leg and your back should be as straight as possible.
-Inhale and lift your arms overhead. Exhale and twist your body to the right.
-Let your left hand touch your right leg wherever it reaches (could be the thigh, calf, or foot). Stretch your right arm directly behind you (ideally your right hand will be in line with your right foot).
-Keep both legs engaged by pressing the left sole of the foot down into the floor and the right foot into the wall.
-Let your gaze follow the right arm so you're looking over the right shoulder.
-Inhale lengthen, exhale and twist even more. Stay here for 3 deep breaths and do the other side!

Modifications: "What if....?"

"My back is rounded..." Move a little bit closer to the wall and bend your top leg. It is more important to maintain a neutral spine than to have a straight top leg.

"I can't stay balanced..." Take the entire position down to the floor. You will be lying in a spinal twist with the top leg extended to a straight position, just as if you were standing. *AND set up personal training sessions with me to improve your balance!!!!!

"I need more of a challenge..." If you can hold your top foot and keep good form in this pose with ease, then try the pose standing in the center of the room.

*Let me help you make sure you've got superb form in The Wall Twist, and achieve your best strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and corework!!! Call 201-240-4288 or email for sessions.