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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need a Massage?

Of course you do! Your daily stressors, tight muscles, the "economic crisis", intense workouts and anything else causing tension in your body will release after an assisted stretching session with me.

These sessions include techniques from Thai yoga massage, a modality that combines stretching, reflexology, energy line work, yoga poses, and massage. In this method the receiver is completely passive, and gets a full body stretch to increase flexibility, improve circulation, reduce stress, and feel completely relaxed. Thai yoga massage and assisted stretching also help the lymphatic system, muscle function, posture imbalances, sciatica pain, chronic back & shoulder tension, and much more.

In a session we will discuss your health history and assess the current state of your body. I will design a unique plan for you, which will incorporate my knowledge from my extensive background in personal training, yoga, Pilates, postural alignment, dance, assisted stretching, and Thai yoga massage. You will feel rejuvenated and more prepared to handle any 'crisis' in your life!

Here's what some clients have experienced...

"When Elyse trained me with her new body conditioning technique which incorporates Thai massage and stretch, I discovered greater strength and awareness in my core muscles almost immediately after our sessions. I noticed my dance and movement skills improving especially in hip flexibility and balance. Her method released much of my tension in a way that was very gentle even though it worked at a deeper muscular level. Thanks so much Elyse!" -Leah, Actress & Business Owner, New York

"I have to tell you, Elyse, your support is touching in a way more than I can express. You have a very profound healing energy and so much love comes out from you." -Amy, Personal Trainer, New York

"Last week, due to an injured toe, I found myself hobbling about unevenly. This caused a re-occurrence of intense sciatica pain in my right hip. Elyse gave me a Thai yoga massage and stretched me out. I was incredibly relieved when, after I walked around for a couple of minutes the next morning, I realized the pain was completely gone. I had to make a 7-hour car drive that day and was concerned that the sciatica would come back as it has in the past, during a long drive. I am very grateful that Elyse's caring work on my body alleviated the pain. Thank you Elyse!" -Lynn, Audiologist, Maine

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