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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thai Yoga Massage: the TOP 10!!!

Why receive a Thai Yoga Massage?

Oh, there are so many reasons!

Thai Yoga Massage is a form of bodywork that combines massage and deep stretching. The receiver wears loose comfortable clothing and is completely passive. Call or email me today to book your first Thai Yoga Massage session at an introductory rate!!

The benefits are endless...but here's an idea of the TOP 10!*

1. Relieve your STRESS!

2. Heal your chronic muscle pain

3. Rejuvenate your body

4. Increase your flexibility

5. Help you breathe better

6. Promote a calm meditative state of being

7. Increase your circulation

8. Heighten your body-mind connection

9. Release & cleanse blocked energy lines

10. It feels good and you deserve it!!!!!!

One client's response to her first Thai Yoga Massage,
"I can not thank you enough Elyse. The massage was amazing!!!"

-Leah M, Fashion Designer & Stylist, New York City

*adapted from the Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage Centre