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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Change is in the Air...

...can you feel it?

Every area of my life is in a period of transition right now.
I see this happening in my client's lives as well.

The shift into summer automatically brings some new situations...the end of school or work...the beginning of travel and new adventures...

You may be:
~moving to a new apartment
~spending more time with family
~developing a relationship
~transitioning in your career
~getting married
~adjusting to a new job or work schedule
~experiencing the death of a friend, family member, or celebrity figure
~expecting a baby

These major life changes -whether you label them "Good" or "Bad"- affect your daily mental state, exercise, and nutrition patterns.

How can you cope with all this 'newness' and maintain your health?

Here are some guidelines I've been using to help stay centered through life transitions...

Choose activities that create a supportive social outlet and keep you active at the same time. You could...
~Join a recreational sports team
~Go out social dancing
~Gather friends for a group jog & follow up with a picnic in the park
~Plan a beach day highlighting a volleyball tournament

#2 Keep to a TIME SCHEDULE
Your daily routine is going to get off kilter if you're packing up your apartment for a move, taking a camping trip, or preparing for your wedding... Try to keep as close as possible to your normal time schedule in your nutrition, exercise, and sleep patterns.
~If your personal training session is usually at 8am, reserve that hour for your exercise - even if it's a fast paced walk or some yoga & stretching.
~Even a healthy amount of stress affects when, where, and how you eat. Keep to your meal & snack times, even if the types & quantity of food is different.

#3 Breathe, Breathe, and BREATHE!
(Oh, and did I mention to Breathe?)
So simple and so important!!
Wherever you are, whatever you're going through, take the time to slow down & observe your breath.
~Lie down or sit in a comfortable position.
~Take one hand to your chest and one hand to your low belly.
~Focus on the sensation of your breathing. Take note of the placement and movement of your hands as you breathe. Which area (chest or abdomen) feels more at ease?
~Stay here for at least 3 minutes (set the timer if you need to!), 1x per day.

Observe all these changes around you and approach them as opportunities for growth, love, & acceptance.

I look forward to hearing about all the coping strategies you use throughout these transitions... let me know how it goes!