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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Invigorating Park Workout

We're well into summer and even though the summer storms abound, you can still go outdoors and exercise in the park!

It's approaching the one year anniversary of my blog (check back for the upcoming special Blog-iversary post). Incidentally I was inspired to write another park workout, much like my first post The Lazy Sunday Workout.

Last weekend I knew I needed to get some exercise, but was only going to motivate myself to take a fast walk around the park. Luckily I met up with two friends, and together we created a kick butt park workout. I find working out with a buddy is the best way to challenge myself and have fun at the same time!

We did this is Brooklyn's Prospect Park, but you can be creative and bring it to any park, playground, beach, hiking trail, track, gym, etc.

Special thanks to co-personal trainers Leah and Sandra for helping with this workout ;)

The Invigorating Park Workout

Warm Up:
Walk 5min
Run 12min

1. Sprint up Stairs (approx. 8 flights)
2. Alternating Side Shuffles 2min
3. Single Leg Step Ups on Stair 15x/leg

REST 1min & REPEAT 1-3

Run 10min

4. Pull Ups 10x
5. Leg Raises 10x (hang from monkey bars, lift both legs up until hip height & lower, try not to swing)
6. Push Ups 10x
7. Reverse Row 10x

REST 1min & REPEAT 4-7

Run 12min

8. High Plank 30sec
9. Side Plank 30sec/each side
10. Forearm Plank 30sec

REST 30sec & REPEAT 8-10 2x

Downward Facing Dog
Straddle & Side Bend
Spinal Twist
Pigeon Pose
Child's Pose

Cool Down:
Walk home 5min

...and at home use a foam roller to roll out your ITband and quads!!! :)

Contact me if you have any questions and let me know how it goes!!!