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Monday, October 5, 2009

...5k fun in the mud...

30'x90' mud pit right before the finish line of the RunAmuck 5k race

What exactly IS RunAmuck?? Watch this VIDEO.

There were lots of obstacles before we even got to the race!...Our team went from 4 to 2 members, it was cold & rainy, and we feared we hadn't trained well enough.

Well, I'm sure glad we persevered because it was a BLAST!!

The first mile of the race was the most difficult for me. It was trail running with a lot of steep hills. I had expected the obstacle course challenges to be interspersed in the 5k (to give my non-runner legs a rest), but no, all the extras were at the very end. The pace slowed down a bit when the trail turned into a true hiking path, navigating around rocks and tree trunks and (most of all) mud puddles. Of course, after you're fully exhausted -and muddy, muddy, muddy- the course goes straight through a lake. I had the not-so-brilliant idea to try to swim because running wasn't really an option anymore. Ha! I quickly found out that it is impossible to swim in mud filled sneakers. So now, completely soaked and freezing with numb legs, we had to do high knee jumps over ropes, hurdles, and army crawls under nets. Right before the finish line there was the 30' x 90' mud pit to dive in, splash in, and get just a little bit more muddy. We did the whole shebang in 44minutes, not too shabby!! ;)

final muddy jump at finish line

I highly recommend RunAmuck for a super fun way to exercise, meet other folks with healthy lifestyles, and laugh a lot!

Oh yeah, and did I mention that you get really muddy?!?!?